Rubys' Court, Napa, CA

This is the first house that we have designed fully utilizing the Pattern Language design philosophy. The new house and garage form a powerful new courtyard on what was a typical infill city lot with a small one story house. We have taken what we hope to be a fresh approach in architecture which is to place the house front to back rather than side to side. This design allows for more of the outdoor space to be enjoyed and utilized. The privacy of the center courtyard , where the house usually goes is freed up for outdoor dining and reflection. The front yard is protected by a low stone wall and small gate which is overlooked by a open trellis porch. The rear yard beyond the center court is dedicated to a swimming pool, children's' play and gardens.

One of main features of the house is the numerous amounts of windows and natural light. This is achieved by keep the building narrower and oriented to the southern exposure. The two story building shades the center court from harsh afternoon sun. The garage has a small office/guest room above and is reached both by the master bedroom terrace via a bridge and the courtyard stairs.

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