Lavender Hill, Sonoma, CA

"We took a 1950's ranch house and created an Italian style villa which continues to emerge. The site is stunning acreage with many mature broad-leaf oaks, madrones and manzanita canvasing the property. Over the years a large lavender field has been planted along with field grown olive trees. The landscaping is enriching the building and terraces in a beautiful cascade of color and texture. The rich plaster color is the perfect background for Spanish ivy and creeping fig. Six foot high plaster site walls stained to match the building add privacy and age to the dreamy setting. Concrete terraces and stone pavers speak in a consistent voice of permanence and longevity. Stone walls are built from site quarried stone adding a strong natural component to the estate. Light, mass and texture are the key elements making this an ongoing successful project which we continue to contribute to over the years."

-The Architect

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